We are guided by the following values:

  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Environmental conformance friendliness
  • Sustainability
  • Quality
  • Teamwork
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Develop quality dwellings at affordable prices to the homeless working/business class
  • Promote development of sustainable communities and or housing schemes
  • Promote the use of innovative ideas in real estate development as a tool for directing and regulating urbanisation
  • Promote the concept of “Housing-Plus” in housing development as a tool for creating Viable, Vibrant and Liveable human settlement schemes
  • Promote the use of urban development and management concepts in ensuring the creation of functional and sustainable urban forms
  • Promote best and optimal use of urban space



We are committed to achieving the highest standards of Health, Safety, Environment and Quality at all times ensuring that all employees and those stakeholders to our engagements are safe and healthy. Our fully equipped support services’ team have a proactive approach to issues as we encourage and educate employees on new legislation and development trends. This in turn changes the culture within our organisation to ensure employees adopt a positive attitude towards these fundamental issues in an ever evolving built environment.



We aim to provide a service underpinned by integrity and open Communications and have established a management team that are committed to working in partnership with our clients and suppliers alike. We are proud to be recognised as considerate contractors and endeavour to uphold modern principles of; Sustainability, Environmental Responsibility and Health /Safety at all times.

All these factors are fully complemented by our associates who are endowed with rich exposure and experience in the field of;

  • Architectural Designs
  • Quantity Surveying Services
  • Service Engineering
  • Domestic as well as nominated sub-contractors
  • Specialised Services
  • Partnership with these Associates has equipped us with the ability to execute BOT, DBOT, DBO, and other contexts of project procurement methods


Our dedicated technical teams provide building services tailored to meet our customers’ needs supported by an established supply-chain of prequalified subcontractors and suppliers whom we have mentored and developed to a shared competence, passion and aspirations; thus ensuring value for our customers/partners capital.



We take CSR very seriously and in turn makes every effort to put back into the community wherever possible.

One way is to use the trained graduates as apprentices in helping to support some of the fresh new talent from our local colleges. We ensure all apprentices receive good foundation, training and development for their future careers. It is through this endeavour that we have mentored our current domestic sub-contractors.

We believe it’s essential to be part of the community in which we are active, so we have a policy of using local labour and materials wherever possible, ensuring we help to create a positive economic impact in all the locations we work in. This has also helped us develop affordable homes through transfer of realized benefits to house buyers.

Support charity and fundraising initiatives wherever possible.
In 2011/2012 we aim to achieve:

  • Further reduction of our carbon footprint
  • More efficiency in our use of energy
  • Reduce in the waste we produce
  • Development of our people
  • Improved safety and healthy working environments
  • Divest our investment into integrated projects
  • Introduction of new housing destinations


The Company is endowed with four distinct pillars which makes sure the Company runs smoothly and professionally. On “as need arises” basis, we seek the partnership of associations from rich database to enhance our capacity.

Executive Chair
The office is charged with the responsibility of resource mobilisation and efficiency in the supply chain logistics

Managing Director
The director’s office is run and overseen by a visionary director who has an eye for quality and a mind of innovation. The Director is the overall coordinator and overseer of the company. This office ensures that all deadlines and quality benchmarks are met in the delivery of services to our valued customers and Partners.

Technical Department
This department is headed by an experienced Manager who has both Product and Market acumen and Knowledge. He ensures that the quality of our products and services are in consonance with international quality benchmarks. The manager is assisted by several qualified technical staff under him.

Sales and Marketing Department
This department is headed and run by a young and dynamic professional who not only believes in meeting customer needs on a timely basis, but is also highly analytical. Customer satisfaction surveys and market intelligence data analysis is synonymous with this department as a tool for informed business decisions. Dependent on scope of work; we have a window of outsourcing.

Finance and Administration
This department is headed by a professional who believes in hands on type of management and is charged with internal controls and prudent financial management.